Bernard Williams

Coach B is a master at unlocking the potential of young basketball enthusiasts, regardless of their age or skill level. With a blend of expertise, patience, and passion, he creates a nurturing environment where every child feels empowered to excel. His ability to break down complex skills into manageable steps and his knack for instilling confidence in his players make him a standout coach. Under Coach B’s guidance, his students will develop essential life skills beyond the court such as teamwork, perseverance, and self-confidence.

Besides teaching teens and children, Coach B excels in effectively training youth, adults, and corporate groups. Whether working 1-on-1 with a young player or leading a basketball workshop for a corporate team, he tailors his approach to meet each individual or group’s specific goals and abilities. Coach B fosters an inclusive and supportive learning environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our Coaches

Coach Winnie

Coach Winnie


  • Graduated with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
  • First-aid certified
  • 8 years in competitve basketball (Position: Vice Captain and Team Manager of Republic Polytechnic’s Female Basketball Team)
  • Assistant Coach for children and is well liked by them
  • Always strive to continue to improve herself as well as helping others enhance their sporting performance

Coach Darryl

Coach Daryll
  • Pursuing Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • First-aid certified
  • 11 years in competitive basketball (Won numerous basketball competitions) and still active
  • Currently in Singapore Men’s National Team
  • Coaching for 4 years and counting; mainly for children and youths
  • Love to share his knowledge of the game and to inspire the younger generation to love the game of basketball

Coach Marzop

Coach Marzop
  • Played for Yemeni National Basketball League for 4 years
  • 10 years in competitive basketball (Position: Point Guard) and also played in 3v3 Eco Botanic Tournament in Malaysia
  • Assistant Coach for children and is well-liked by them
  • Always strive to continue improving himself as well as helping others to enhance their performance.

Coach Julius

  • Graduated from University of Negros Occidental
  • Coaching with LJE Sports since 2007
  • Passion for basketball is an intense love and enthusiasm for the game
  • Loves to share his knowledge and experiences to aspiring young players
  • Ability to guide, advice on techniques, training methods, strategies, and mental preparation.
  • Capable to analyze performance, suggest improvements, and share resources to help individuals enhance their skills and knowledge