Bernard Williams

Coach Bernard has experience on and off the court. He was educated in the US and has played in various professional leagues. As a professional basketball player, his career took him to play in the LA Pro- AM, USBL and CBA Yakima Sun Kings. His international career saw him play in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines with affiliations with clubs in China and Hong Kong. In Singapore, he has been coaching children and youths with different levels of basketball skills for more than 10 years.

He is well-liked by children and parents as he is attentive to their needs and provides support and encouragement to them. The POSB Everyday Champion Award that was accorded to him was in fact, nominations made by parents and children from his programmes.

Our Coaches

Coach Winnie

Coach Winnie


  • Graduated with a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
  • First-aid certified
  • 8 years in competitve basketball (Position: Vice Captain and Team Manager of Republic Polytechnic’s Female Basketball Team)
  • Assistant Coach for children and is well liked by them
  • Always strive to continue to improve herself as well as helping others enhance their sporting performance

Coach Darryl

Coach Daryll
  • Pursuing Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • First-aid certified
  • 11 years in competitive basketball (Won numerous basketball competitions) and still active
  • Currently in Singapore Men’s National Team
  • Coaching for 4 years and counting; mainly for children and youths
  • Love to share his knowledge of the game and to inspire the younger generation to love the game of basketball

Coach Marzop

Coach Marzop
  • Played for Yemeni National Basketball League for 4 years
  • 10 years in competitive basketball (Position: Point Guard) and also played in 3v3 Eco Botanic Tournament in Malaysia
  • Assistant Coach for children and is well-liked by them
  • Always strive to continue improving himself as well as helping others to enhance their performance.

Coach Julius

  • Graduated from University of Negros Occidental
  • Coaching with LJE Sports since 2007
  • Passion for basketball is an intense love and enthusiasm for the game
  • Loves to share his knowledge and experiences to aspiring young players
  • Ability to guide, advice on techniques, training methods, strategies, and mental preparation.
  • Capable to analyze performance, suggest improvements, and share resources to help individuals enhance their skills and knowledge